Tree Wellness

Discovery Phase

  • Consultation on site with the ISA certified arborist.
  • Discuss your concerns, expectations, and priorities
  • Assessment of trees/shrubs to identify a species and detect and diagnose tree health issues, including insects, soil compaction, or environmental stress.
  • Examination of large mature trees in high activity areas to identify structural defects that can contribute to safety risks.

 Program Development

  • Develop a written customize program based on the assessment and examination results.
  • Programs are specific to each client’s concerns, expectations, and priorities.
  • Schedule of procedures and treatments may include: Soil therapy; insect or disease suppression, pruning, cabling, lightning protection, mulching or removal.

Program Implementation

  • Schedule services and procedures
  • Arrive at expected time
  • DoWhat is expected
  • Maintain client records, for future reference and assessment.

Follow Up

  • Provide complementary annual inspection to assess progress and effectiveness of treatments or procedures.
  • Evaluate overall conditions.
  • Provide written summary.
  • Issue renewal of appropriate treatments as warranted.

Invest in your trees

Healthy trees not only have greater anesthetic appeal but are better prepared to contend with opportunistic insects and disease, drought, competition with turf, asphalt and concrete.

Tree help directly correlates to soil, naturally occurring organic matter and essential elements that are routinely replenished through decomposition of leaves, branches, and even phone trees.In stark contrast, Irvine soils are compacted and essential nutrients are rarely available.This condition is very demanding on trees native or planted and can be put the primary reason for declining and premature death.

Our Unique Treatment of Naturally Occurring Products

Yucca Extract, Sea Kelp, Humeric Acid, Nitrogen fixing Phosphorus, Beneficial Fungi and Natural Essential Elements