Visual Tree Risk Assessment

    Dennis Tourangeau: Senior ISA Certified Arborist #MA0107A


All large trees by their very nature as living organisms are subject to deterioration and associated strength loss. The majority of tree failures in developed urban areas occur during windy periods. Scientifically speaking, individual branches sway and energetically interrelate with other branches and generate forces that can overload a trees natural structure and therefore contribute to breakage or total failure. The Visual Tree Assessment is a thorough and methodical process that examines trees external components to detect and evaluate defects. That data reveals information about structural stability which helps to forecast the level of risk to persons and or property.


Through the examination of thousands of broken trees, researchers concluded that the majority of trees that experience catastrophic breakage or total failure in normal weather conditions were predisposed for it due to structural defects. It requires an individual educated, experienced and trained in the science of tree stewardship to identify problems. The average homeowner or business owner cannot recognize or identify the associated risk with harms.


Freeman’s Tree Care is staffed with appropriate professionals to not only detect and quantify risk but also to offer recommendations to eliminate or mitigate it. Here are the primary program components:


  1. From the ground, perform and document an objective; facts based visual examination of individual utilizing criteria specified by the International Society of Arboriculture to detect structural defects.


  1. Assemble the data into in a written report that includes the associated probability of failure.


  1. Provide written remedial options for elimination or mitigation.


The professional consultation fee is determined as follows:


  1. Travel one way
  2. Onsite data collection
  3. Data analysis
  4. Document preparation and submission


For up to five trees, the “average” investment is $400.00.

For ten trees: $600

For twenty trees: $1,000.00

 For a single tree: $200.00