We have found the term pruning can be subjective unless specifically defined in the written proposal. For instance, to simply write ” prune Dogwood” could mean one outcome for the client and an entirely different one for the practitioner. To help ensure a shared understanding of expectation, our Arborists will define the obectives. For example:

Perform crown thinning on the American Dogwood located in the front yard. Dead, dying, diseased and rubbing or crossing branches 1″ in diameter or larger will be pruned to achieve an approximate 15% thinning in order to help guide  healthy development and enhance aesthetic appeal. Also, raise the branch level to approximately 7ft. to allow for greater sunlight penetration to the flowers.”

If roof clearance is the goal, a description would read:

Achieve approximately 10-12ft. of separation between the lowest tree branch and the roof to inhibit squirrel access and allow greater sunlight to the roof shingles.”

Because of our 30+ years of experience serving Greater Atlanta and our continued training within our organization, you can count on Freeman’s Tree Care to provide you with a through, clearly defined description of work and an educated explanation of the best process to fit your custom needs.